Safety of Funds

Safety Of Funds

To create a trusted environment where customers feel confident while trading, Market Equity Inc. pursues strict standards and policies to ensure that the clients funds are safe and secure.

Segregated Funds

All customers funds collected by Market Equity Inc. are securely segregated from the company’s funds and retained in separate accounts at top banks which guarantees that they cannot be used for other purposes. We follow additional strategies with major financial and banking institutions regarding the distribution of funds and we only maintain client funds in countries that support the segregation of funds under the local legal framework.

Information Encryption ( SSL )

Market Equity Inc. is aware of the importance of protecting your private data which is collected and transmitted using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol to safeguard your personal information against unauthorized access by third parties.

Risk Management

We use different automated systems as the hedge, the stop loss or the automatic closing systems to control the transactions and the risk management in order to avoid any negative balance and, thus protecting clients from any losses greater than their original investments.

Selection Of Banks

Market Equity Inc. follows strict selection criteria for banks according to their classifications in the global organizations.

Currency Conversion

Closed transactions on financial instruments, bearing profit/loss results in currency other than the base currency of clients’ accounts, are subject to currency exchange up to 1%.

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